Drifting Roots is the music of multi-instrumentalist Matthew McDonald. From an early age Matthew enjoyed a wide variety of artists such as Bob Marley, Metallica, Jimmy Buffet and Peter Tosh. In the summer of 2016, Matthew began exploring the art of audio engineering and writing songs that encourage a positive mindset and a more laid back lifestyle, which would later become known as Drifting Roots. 
In 2017 Matthew and Chris, the drummer for Drifting Roots, began making all necessary plans to move somewhere they could continue their passion for music and start playing live shows. They gained some California roots in early 2018 when they made the move to San Diego.
Drifting Roots currently has released a full dub album titled "Dubbed and Confused" and will be releasing their first debut album, "Life is Good" in late Spring of 2019.
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